Watercolor on paper. 60x42cm.



Osamu Murata was born in Chiba, Japan and learned painting in New York after quitting job of an ordinary big company worker and an elementary school teacher. After coming back to Japan, he worked actively as an illustrator mainly in the publication and the advertising field in Tokyo. He loved paintings for children’s story books. After almost 10 years city life in Tokyo, he moved to Nasu highland area to seek life which was not rushed by clients. The nature of Nasu was so beautiful and spiritual that he has begun to concentrate on landscape paintings.

Watercolor by Osamu Murata “Orandakan”

Since his childhood, he has been influenced by his mother, Japanese calligrapher, Koyo Murata. Maybe that is one of the reasons he likes watercolor.

Although he has been painting various things from landscape to flowers, he likes painting shimmering light and aura around nature. His style is kind of semi-abstract and semi-impressionist.

2016(C)Osamu Murata